18.00cm x 27.00cm Mixed media on rough paper, unframed


Description of Memento

Memento represents an expressive narrative whole in which are inscribed some of my perceptions, as well as various scenes and moments. This corpus can also be regarded as a collection of significant excerpts that have been documented as a way of remembering and recall. The purpose is to preserve these fleeting moments by trying to engrave them on paper and, in doing so, attempting to defy the ephemeral nature of time.
A sense of place has molded my path, thereby setting my work in a frame that is more autobiographical than geographical. My process is inclusive where the medium, the technique and the content involved makes it all a one and single entity. Transformation, in both its literal and figurative senses, constitutes its substance. My procedure is based on the simultaneous manipulation of different incompatible materials, such as ink and gouache paint. The painting thereby created undergoes a wash leading to its relative transformation. The initial piece gets altered producing a new image that keeps still a certain resemblance to the original. This substitution to the original is the kind of metaphor that I usually adopt to represent significant landmarks of my journey.

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