102.00cm x 152.00cm Acrylique, unframed


Description of Soleil Couchant

As a concept in my artistic process, ‘water’ often represents a kind of a symbolic ambivalence of nearness and remoteness.It refers to my Mediterranean origin. Living far from my homeland led to that particular place I give to the sea in my paintings.

Moving from one place to another is often a crossing that simultaneously separates but connects the person to his roots. In my art, water represents a necessary figure of expression, a metaphor of swaying, of life and hope.

Throuh the history of arts, oceans and seas had inspired the creators, poets, writers and visual artists. Nostalgia being the motive behind the subject, they could recreate the souvenir under innumerable interpretations and in many different ways. In my case, what stands there invisible behind the horizon is visible in the foreground to tell: These are not simple boats, they are holding all the tales of the past through a whole process of memory – of recalling, forgetting and resisting. For me, these boats hold somewhere a kind of a spiritual nature and refer to an amalgam of things that actually the scene is talking about.

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